Tuesday, July 04, 2006

back to the grind again

Today is the day of the dreaded audit, my main responsibility for "close of business". I'm too tired to properly function, and being back at work is irritating to say the least. I love my co-workers, even often admire them, but they can be ridiculously cheesy sometimes. Sometimes I'd like to say, "if you can't say something funny, don't say anything at all", the problem is the person telling the bad joke thinks it is funny. Well, I guess I'm not the epitome of wittiness at all times myself, though I think I do alright (but my friends may beg to differ). Anyways, my point is I'm not in the mood for cliche little quips, I wish to be left alone. I want to go home and sleep, which I will likely do despite my guilty conscience telling me to instead make some order of the chaos that is my room at the moment. My new roommates, Jake and Kathleen, well, their room is all cute and tidy already, but they also had like a total of 2 boxes of stuff and 2 suitcases, whereas I feel the need to pack endless boxes of crap that just compile and plague me every time I move. Perhaps one of these times I'll reach a zen moment where I will happily throw shit away.

But why am I so tired is the burning question. Well, moving on the two most swelteringly hot days of summer thus far took a bit out of me, and then forging on to a mini vacay in Duluth which, while not strenuous, was pretty filled with activity...a fine show by Wilco, followed by comraderie at the local bar, some sleep, a hearty breakfast, a lovely hike, a bbq, some badminton, more drinking and chatting and a bit more sleep. I believe this is where my problem lies, in my lack of quality REM sleep. Apparently I still managed to be "fun", even though I felt not quite up to par and lump on a log-ish, but even if I wasn't fun, I sure had a good time with Sally and MS Flava, and Jenni and Todd, and Sally's fam. I thought for sure my car was a goner last night when I arrived in St. Paul to watch the fireworks. It was making the most horrid noise, which is not all that unusual, but this was worse than the usual, but she fired up afterwards and brought me home with seemingly no problem, so whatever issue she has can continue to be ignored, and I will instead buy a plane ticket to CA.

My 2 heroes of the weekend....Jenni, for taking over a car load of shit Sat. after I made a last minute and desperate call for help, and Cassie, for helping me with my car last night and following me home. Oh, and Sally for being my sugar mama, so that makes three heroes, I am one lucky gal.

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