Tuesday, July 25, 2006

no worries...for now

Well, I spoke with financial aid, and the lady I talked to seems to think everything is o.k. I just need to show confirmation of my new address and things should be alright. I have to call the loan people to make sure though.

As far as my spot seeing, I called the eye dr. today to see if it's something I should be concerned about, and the lady I talked to there said it is either nothing, or something really serious and I should get it checked out regardless. So I guess I'll find out on friday if my retina is detaching from my eyeball causing me to go blind.

What I am worried about is having to work with incompetent team members for the rest of the quarter. Okay, today one of the women stuck her finger in powdered sugar, clearly licked her finger to taste it, then wiped her finger on her towel and went about her business, touching dough and stuff. I didn't say anything, but talked to my understanding teammate about how I wanted to say something and was scared. So a couple minutes later, she did it again, and I asked her to wash her hands! I'm really proud of myself for being direct.

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