Saturday, July 15, 2006

this is neato

I'm blogging from my bedroom. I've never had internet at home except at our last apartment when sometimes Betsy could catch a wireless signal on her laptop. I'd like to think that this will prevent me from slacking at work and surfing too much, but I doubt it.

Last night I said to Jenni while we were enjoying a couple drinks prior to the Damien Rice/Fiona Apple show, that I believe I could have been a genius if only my parents had encouraged me more. Jenni didn't seem to buy it. Fiona, however, was pretty amazing, though at times her spastic dancing was difficult to watch cause it looked painful. She is an impressive artist, and I'm especially impressed by how young she was when she started composing her own music. Sadly she did not play 2 of my favorites, "Parting Gift" and "Love Ridden", but I really can't complain. Damien Rice was also quite enjoyable, though I'm not as familiar with his music. Fiona is so good to listen to when one is feeling angsty, which for me is fairly often (not that I have a lot to feel angsty about, it's just fun sometimes), her and Aimee Mann. Although Jenni and I were wondering, if one writes music influenced by relationships, then does one, especially one as emotional as Fiona Apple, feel intensely the feelings that inspired her to write the song in the first place every time she performs it, or does it change into something else as time goes on, even to the point of just being another song in one's repertoire.

I'm relieved that my first week of school is over, I think it will get easier since I now know what to expect and whatnot, and thankfully I have my vacation to San Fran in about 3 weeks so that will be an excellent break. There are some really annoying girls in my Sanitation and Safety class, I may pull my hair out if the one continues to chat incessantly about things that are of no interest to anybody but herself and maybe her parents. Gee, I'm so judgmental and harsh, but really, I think anyone would want to rip their hair out if they had to listen to her for more than 30 seconds.

My nephew's name is Noah, I was right and my mom was wrong. I like the name Noah too, but I'm a little disappointed, mostly because of the "Felicity" thing.

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