Tuesday, July 18, 2006

I blew it

Had I not been focused on nonfat milk solids, I maybe would have had a clever response when my cute, shaggy-haired goofball classmate attempted to joke with me about said solids. Unfortunately I instantly reverted back to feelings of awkwardness when near/spoken to by an attractive boy much like in high school, or hell, who am I kidding, my awkwardness has carried on throughout college, post-college and continues to today (except in states of drunkeness when I'm just obnoxious and loud). It doesn't help that the kid is barely out of high school himself, which one would think would make him less intimidating, but I think it just contributes to my reversion back to shy, giggly schoolgirl.

I'm really annoyed by my teammates, except Manda, who is equally as annoyed as I am. Our fifth person came back and she annoys us too. Tom, who really is a nice guy, but has a hard time stepping back from being bossy, which would be fine if he actually did things logically. Then there is Laurie, the dim one, and finally Mary Kay, who I thought would be competent, but after today I realized she has a hard time following directions I think due to lack of listening or caring rather than being slow. It may not seem like it from my disheveled and unorganized lifestyle, but I'm pretty detail oriented, so when people shrug off a step done wrong as no big deal it gets under my skin, although I guess not everyone can be as smart as me. Today I was "table captain" which meant I was supposed to be running the show, difficult for me since I don't like being in charge nor am I assertive, but I think I did alright, its challenging anyways. I'm also pleased with my dough shaping abilities.

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