Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Contrary to popular belief, I am not obsessed with Bono. I do enjoy a hearty listen to U2, like many, but I do not know everything about Bono, about his marriage, his children, or possible extramarital affairs. However, because I once got tipsy at a friend's/co-worker's pre-nuptual get together and proceeded to do some air guitar and singing along with U2's greatest hits that was playing on the stereo at the time, I've been tagged as this die hard fan of Bono, when really I'm not. I go along with it at work though because people think it's funny, and I like to boost office morale whenever possible with my sharp wit and humor.

Also, there has been a new addition to our family, my sister had a baby boy last week. I'm not sure what his name is, it is either Noah or Noel, my mom thinks it's Noel so I'll go with that for now since she probably actually talked to Noelle whereas they just left me a message. Plus, Noel would be kinda like naming him after my sister, which they already did with Elle (get it, Noelle split is both Noel and Elle) anyways, if that is the case my brother in law Tom is getting the shaft since none of their kids are named remotely similar to Tom. Also, I prefer Noel because I loooove Noel from Felicity, and to this day will believe that Felicity should have ended up with Noel, though Ben is no chump change either.

Anywho, hooray for wireless, which will be installed in our pad tomorrow to make it really pimpin'.

And I'm sure my vast readership is itching to hear about my culinary school experience thus far. Well, as I said it is taking some adjustment, yesterday I was so tired I thought I would die, but today I feel good. It is hard work, learning about the details and varieties of flour is more extensive than one would think, plus the mathematical conversions, and all the other information one can learn about food/pastries/procedures. It's more like a science, which is also quite different from my previous educational experience which was more ideas and theories and whatnot. It is nice/unpleasant to be doing something more active, I'm used to my cushy desk job, but it is enjoyable to be working with my hands and focusing on the task at hand. I'm in a team with 3 other people, and me and the other younger girl (the other 2 are middle aged) agree that our teammates are annoying. They are both in the culinary (straight cooking) program so they aren't newbies like us, and while they are both very nice people, one just is a bit dim-witted and the other thinks he knows more than he does. Yeah, so of course instead of being put on a team with the 2 fine-looking and fun young lads (who I think may be at least of legal drinking age), I get paired with these doofuses, but oh well.

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