Thursday, July 27, 2006

be my friend....please

Well, the woman that Fuj and I were supposed to stay with in San Fran forgot, and bailed on us since she's going to Boston, so I'm scouring couchsurfing to see if we can find a free place to crash. The problem is, there are quite a few seemingly cool people so it's hard to choose.

I gloriously slept in this morning until 7 a.m., it felt so wonderful.

Tomorrow I'm off to O-town to hang with the fam, my siblings are making an appearance and I'll meet my nephew. I also have tons of homework to do, yeah, I didn't think culinary school would have that much homework either, but I was mistaken, it's mostly reading and memorizing though. I'm nervous about going home and interacting with my family, they tend to ask me about myself and I don't like that.

haha, I'm on myspace now, I'm a chump and set up a profile, mostly so I can hook up with hot dudes. If any of my vast readership wants to friend me, please do so since I don't have any friends, well, I have a couple I guess. Though I'm sure any bloggers I know are too cool for it. Fiona Apple is my friend and so is Maxwell.

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