Wednesday, August 16, 2006

roommate issues

We hurt our roommate Sarah's feelings. Sarah is kinda the odd one here because we found her through craigslist, whereas the other housemates all know eachother from college, and Betsy and I are good pals. So Sarah feels left out, an understandable plight, but I feel like we often attempt to include her, well, not me so much maybe since I'm antisocial anyways, but certainly Betsy, Emily and Kathleen do, Jake is generally a man of few words so he's not expected to be social either. Funny thing is, Kathleen, Emily and myself are all under the impression that Sarah doesn't like us. My usual experience with Sarah is this... I see Sarah, she barely acknowledges me, I think to myself "hmmm, she doesn't seem to want to interact with me" and I either keep to myself, or I think "well, sometimes I come off that way when I don't mean to" so I try to extend a friendly hello and a smile, which is returned with a "hi" and that is it, no indication of a desire for further conversation. Anyways, she asked us if we might consider letting her friend move in after Emily moves out the end of the month. This friend that basically, we all despise. He stayed here a few days last month, was incredibly antisocial (like, beyond even me), hung around the house ALL day long doing pretty much nothing but hog the bathroom, and we have reason to believe that he brought foot fungus into the shower. So we told her that we would like to stick with the original plan of just having that be an extra room for guests and a general hanging out/study area which I think will be needed once it is winter and we're not out and about as much. This sent her to tears apparently (I wasn't there when we told her the final decision), but while I understand how she may feel uncomfortable with us, we do make an honest effort to include her, invite her out with us (if she is even around, which isn't often), or include her when we are just hanging out. Being shy myself, I do feel for her, but seriously Jake, Kathleen and Emily are very cool and even though I barely knew them before we all moved in together I felt instantly comfortable with them, but then again I did know Betsy which helped. However, I have also learned that I can't blame others for not including me if I act standoffish towards them, which I sorta feel like she is doing. Ah well, if she is truly unhappy she can move out. I'm just glad the rest of us are all on the same page when it came to not having her friend move in, that would have been hellish.

We just received a really nice sofa for free off freemarket. I almost passed out today after giving blood, and even though I know I should give more often, I don't really like to because sitting there while your blood is draining from your body is rather disturbing even if it's for good purpose. I guess I should just be glad that I'm not living in the time when they bled people to try to heal them from whatever ailed them. Then I spilled the chex mix I got afterwards all over the floor when I opened it too vigorously and I was very sad.

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