Thursday, August 31, 2006

and then there were five

Emily is moving out the next couple days to move in with our friend Sinda. I helped them load some stuff into their truck this morning before work because well, I'm a good person, and because Sinda has done our household large favors by offering her truck to help us move furniture on more than one occasion. I will miss Emily, she's a neat gal. She's a natural at making baked goods (really, she should be the pastry chef, not me), she's quirky and funny and not annoying, and she'll enjoy a smoke with me on occasion, and one day I came home from class to find her practicing her accordian. However, I'm sure I'll see her around a-plenty, considering she is one of the Carleton elite.

Since we put the kabosh on the proposal of adding the creepy red-haired friend of Sarah's to the household, this does free up the spare room, which will utilized as common space to chill/watch TV/read/listen to music/get laid in haha, just kidding about that last one, uh, well maybe. I scored a good sized futon off (where else) craigslist, so anyone needing a place to crash while rolling through Mpls(especially certain someone's from the windy city), let me know and we'll give you the royal treatment.

Crummy, it looks like rain on Sat. that is when Cassie and I are planning on going to the great MN get together. However, if we can brave the elements we do have the advantage of fewer crowds. Also to look forward to this weekend is co-worker Rachel's birthday on Sun., her 21st birthday, the mother of all birthday's. Of course me and some other co-workers have planned a pub crawl to witness her legally getting schlockered. Oh to be 21 again, throwing up on the porch of some frat house.

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