Wednesday, August 30, 2006

capitol M

We've been introduced the past couple weeks in school to exciting things like cake decorating and doing chocolate and sugar work, someday I could perhaps do something like this out of chocolate and/or sugar, exciting huh? We watched a video of Ewald Notter doing his thing, he's pretty sexy when he's working his sugar...and his mojo, apparently he's been married 3 times to 3 different assistants of his. Anywho, we didn't delve into the complexities, but I did pipe a chocolate pattern that my teammates claimed looked like breasts, they thought I might be talented at making cakes for bachelor parties. So I'm exciting for my more advanced classes during which I'll really learn the craft (if my loan goes through that is). I remember debating in aesthetics regarding when something is considered art or craft, which would rile up the potters. I'm of the mindset that something made skillfully using design elements and color theories to be visually attractive is generally craft, something infused with meaning is art, expresses something beyond beauty. But then what makes something meaningful, can a potter throw a vessel that makes some sort of "statement"? I do think so, but I also think people are often quick to label someone as an "artist" or "art" when really it's more of skilled craft, and vice versa, as sometimes something generally thought of as a craft or someone "crafty" doesn't get due respect. It's a lot about the intention with the end product I guess, and of course opinions are going to differ as I'll often look at a meticulously painted landscape as more craft, because it's purpose is to be pretty (e.g. Terry Redlin). Sure, I guess it invokes feelings, awe perhaps, or maybe comfort or serenity, but then there are landscape painters like Thomas Cole, whose landscapes are clearly expressing more than a warm fuzzy. But then again, what the hell do I know, I probably just need to get laid.

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