Monday, August 14, 2006

SF is hecka nice

Back to the grind after my short stint in SF. We walked, talked, ate, walked, hung out with our host Jer-Bear watching Aqua Teen, tasted various yummy pastries, walked, ate, drank coffee, observed the hipsters, drank beer, froze on the beach, walked, dragged heavy suitcases ten blocks, shopped, ate, sat next to really horny/drunk people going at it, gave the gift of orangina, lusted after boys at the car rental place (or I did at least) etc. etc. SF, Berkeley, Oakland, all quite lovely. Fujipants put up with me during her time of transition, and for that I'm grateful. The couchsurfing thing was a tad awkward I'd say. Were I the type to be more outgoing and conversational, it would be less awkward, but I'm just not. Jeremy was a keen dude, very accomodating, and though we barely interacted with our other hosts, they were also very accomodating, everyone is appreciated for being gracious and trusting enough to let a couple strange midwestern gals into their home. Yeah, I'd say SF is as great as everyone says, pics to come soon.

We are hosting yet another party this weekend, I see a pattern forming. I still have major work to do on my room, so hopefully I'll make some progress before Sat. my goal being to finish unpacking and trying to tackle that fabric wall project.

I totally left the bar without paying for my beer, Jenni didn't pick up my slack, so that means someone that I barely know did. I feel bad about this.

Praise the Lord (a.k.a. PTL) we switched teams this week in class! I'm still with Manda, the one that I get along with, unfortunately we are also still with the dimwit, but we gained 2 cool ladies. I'm super pumped about this, it is going to make the next six weeks of the quarter so much more bearable.

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