Saturday, August 05, 2006


I really want to be lazy today, so I'm trying to decide if I wanna chuck all the stuff I should be doing in favor of doing nothing except maybe laying out at the lake. However, I am going on vacation in a few days, so perhaps I should be productive today. Don't know if we have a place to stay yet in San Fran, someone from couchsurfing said we could crash at his place, but he hasn't gotten back to me to confirm that is in fact true, well, there is always the hostel or the sidewalk.

I've decided to succumb to laziness for now, and maybe be productive later if time allows. I mean it is before noon no need to be in any hurry, though I did want to hit up a yard sale or two in the hopes of finding a small dresser.

I was a mere five minutes late to my sanitation and safety class yesterday, and therefore was not allowed to get any points on the quiz. I took the quiz, was finished before half the class who had started before me, got one wrong, but don't get any points. I understand being punished or losing points for being late, however had I missed class entirely, I could have "made up" the quiz and gotten half the points. This makes no sense to me. The whole class is kinda silly, it's four hours, once a week to get servsafe certified. My roommate Emily who manages hospital foodservice also has to go to a class to be servsafe certified, but her class is one time for 8 hours. This makes no sense to me.

I dragged my housemates to an art opening last night, I think a good time was had by all. I agreed to go Salsa dancing sunday night with Papo against my better judgement since I have midterms next week and really should be studying. When I picked up my deposit check a couple weeks ago (yes, I did get my deposit back, sans interest, but I miraculously got it back nonetheless) landlord Dan was sleazy as ever (he had some sort of housing court mediator there apparently thinking I would back him up in his case against the hipster girls), but he did give me a bag of clothes that the hipster girls left behind, some items too hipster for my style, but I did score a pair of jeans, comfy ones too. I do love me some free clothes....

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