Tuesday, August 22, 2006


I'm now the ?proud? owner of the most gaudy dresser I have ever witnessed in real life. In my old place, there was a little built in dresser in the closet, which perfectly housed my clothes that didn't fit in my normal dresser. Then I moved and after trying to jam (certainly unnecessary) clothes into my dresser and closet that don't fit, I decided to search for a (free or cheap) small dresser. So I turned to Craigslist and Freemarket, searched, posted a "wanted" ad, and after missing out on several dressers I got an email offering an inexpensive dresser WITH delivery. The thought of not having to go to some suburb to pick up a dresser that might possibly not fit in my car was appealing, so I inquired further. From his description, it was considerable bigger than what I was looking for, but I figured I'd just put my other dresser in storage. So we arrange a time and he arrives, I bounce downstairs to take a look at my new means of storage, and at first glance think "oh hell, this is very ugly, but I can't tell him I don't want it since he just drove a 1/2 hr to deliver it to me", I'm guessing my face expressed my shock and dissapointment, but I tried to muster enthusiasm when he asked if it would work for me. Anyways, I took a picture of it which I'll try to post in the next couple days. It's kinda growing on me, so even if I do find something else I may just keep it. I'm actually slightly peeved right now b/c I found a small dresser and arranged to pick it up tomorrow, but I just called and the chick sold it to someone else after I said I wanted it and would pick it up, what the....

Anyways, I skipped school yesterday due to a hacking cough that kept me up all night sun. and most of last night too, so I'm even more exhausted than usual. I didn't have time for the overhaul of my room, more of an overhaul of one wall, which I spent the day on Sat. covering with fabric and it turned out pretty nicely actually. Our party was fabulous per usual, at least I think most had a good time.

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