Friday, August 18, 2006

eye candy

So apparently if you have a google account, you can switch over your blogger account to google which I accidentally discovered when I tried to login to blogger using my gmail login by mistake. So I tried to make the switch, and they said they were only accepting a limited number right now. So why even ask me is the thought that came to my mind.

Anywho, roommate Sarah seems to have calmed down, she's been more friendly the past couple days so maybe she just had to freak out and let her feelings be known, and now the healing can commence. It isn't our intention for her to feel left out, since we do like Sarah, so hopefully she realizes that.

I swear I'm not gay (likely contrary to popular belief since I'm sans boyfriend), but I've been catching myself checking out other women's breasts lately more often than usual. So no, not in a sexual way, but just taking note if another woman has a nice rack, and then feeling slightly inadequate even though I don't really have reason to, if I do say so myself. There is always someone that will be better than you isn't that what "they" say, and to that I say "damn it"

I'm about to attempt this evening and tomorrow to do a major overhaul of my bedroom, which I'm hoping will not end up being disastrous. I'm nervous, I have perhaps an irrational fear that my room will end up being horrifically ugly.

I got my hair cut and colored earlier this week, and while I'm a fan of the color I'm not sure about the cut. I always appreciate the opportunity to admire Matt's pectorals and overall handsomeness, but in this case, I believe his beauty made me blind to the fact that he seemed distracted/stressed while cutting my hair instead of his usual focus and effort. I guess it isn't that bad, not a mullet or anything.

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