Thursday, November 09, 2006

be careful what you wish for

I totally jinxed myself by hoping that I wouldn't be put in a group with Mary Kay, because of course I was put with her. My other team members I don't know very well, but there's Anna, who's really quiet, has very few facial expressions, is short, and has her nose pierced but doesn't look the type to. She smiled twice yesterday so I believe progress was made. I didn't have to deal with Mary Kay directly so I wasn't overly irritated, in fact we are on our own a lot this quarter so I think I'll manage. I'm trying to have a positive attitude. My other teammate seems pretty cool, but I thought that of Megan at first until I discovered she was condescending and slow as molasses. I mean, I'm a fairly slow paced individual myself, but she was ridiculously slow, wanted to be too much of a perfectionist, and rarely did much for cleaning.

Anyways, on a less judgemental note...our roommate Sarah has had a slight resurgence in friendliness, well, she makes an effort to smile at me anyways, and she burned me Aimee Mann's latest album. Thing is, her potential new housing situation may fall through, so I believe she may be trying to butter us up in case she stays, because we've unfortunately not found a replacement quite yet. Actually Betsy had a little chat with her not too long ago about how all us of in the house are fairly shy and so when someone seems withdrawn, the other is just going to go about their business without making a lot of effort to converse with the withdrawn individual. I think she maybe understood that as is now trying to interact more.

I agreed to go on a blind date, apparently the dude wants to go bowling, not only have I not bowled in years, but I don't particularly enjoy bowling. I'm expecting very little to come of this "date", meanwhile I pine for various men who are unavailable.

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