Thursday, November 30, 2006

when 2 become at least 4

A not so quality picture of Dan of the Black Keys and 1 quality pic of both of Dan and Patrick who(m?) I had the pleasure of listening to last night at first ave. They rocked real hard, they were sexy, it was good (even with hipster girl dancing crazily in a jam packed crowd and creepy old dudes jumping around behind us).
It was also butt cold last night, went from 60 degrees to 10 in a matter of hours.
I feel lovelorn...Betsy and I had a frustrating conversation last night about men and women and basically "the game", which usually results in a lot of generalizations being bandied about regarding men and women and their attitude towards dating. I'm of the opinion that if 2 people hit it off making the next move (for either person) doesn't need to be this calculated 'I have to wait x amount of time', if the other person likes you they'll want to see you and hear from you and not be turned off. However if you or they are on the fence that is a pretty good indication of if you like the person, are you excited, indifferent, or hoping they won't call. From my vast experience in the dating realm is where I've gained my expertise, haha. We also talked about using haha, LOL, LMAO, etc. in email. I tend to use haha quite frequently to convey "I just said something funny, and I am chuckling", because well, I'm damn funny. Roommate Kathleen seems to feel all such additions to email text are irritating and convey the attitude that "haha, I'm so funny" in a lame way, hell, if you are funny you are funny. I walk around all day smiling and laughing to myself because I think about all the funny shit I say on a daily basis. However, this blog of late perhaps does not quite convey my wit. Oh jeez, another bit on dating sorta, I also talked to Emily at the show last night, Emily who set me up with her co-worker, and she said he said I was "nice"....NICE, excuse me, he was lame, and a lightweight I might add, and coming off my beer buzz on the way home last night I pondered this and got pissed in my post-buzz alcohol induced depression mode and shared my pissed-offedness with the rest of the car. Me, just "nice"...whatever.

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