Saturday, November 04, 2006

it's a great day for an accident

Yeah, it's a lovely late autumn day and I just rear ended a North Dakotan a couple hours ago. I'm feeling pretty stupid right now since it was due to me plainly not paying attention. I haven't been in an accident that was my fault since I was 18, but have been in a few others that weren't my fault, and I what I enjoy most is being insulted about how my car is a piece of shit, as if that has any pertinence to the situation other than that this dude's bumper (on his new Honda pickup), as he so graciously screamed at me, will cost more to repair then my entire car, and if I owned a vehicle as nice as his then maybe I'd drive more carefully. I thanked him for his insight as I picked my bumper off the ground and pushed it back in place, he adding more sound advice to "just duct tape it back on again". After he calmed down he did apologize for yelling at me and was actually quite friendly. A minor accident, but I'm guessing my rates will go up regardless, my good record has been tainted.

Roommate search is commencing, we have a couple of fairly promising candidates, well, we haven't actually met them yet though.

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