Friday, November 24, 2006

on selfishness and shed culture

Apparently there is a whole shed culture that I was entirely unaware of until yesterday, and my own father is part of it. He recently built a "shed" on the 'ol farm, which seems to be part shed, part personal fun space for my dad complete with big screen TV, pool table and probably a kegerator sometime in the future. So we're all chatting about the shed and what issues my dad has had with the contractor, and how they had toured other people's sheds something like a parade-of-sheds, and how one of his friends wouldn't give him a tour of his shed, and how my step-brother "pimped out" the shed to have the typical teenager party while the 'rents were out of town (and they classically came home a day early). Anyways, probably half of our dinner conversation revolved around sheds, they seem to be the wave of the future. There was also far more penis talk than I had expected (I expected none). Overall, I had a decent time with the fam, my dad is a pretty funny guy.

My teammates at school are greedy (actually mostly just Mary Kay), I mean, I can be greedy too when it comes to dividing up our classwork of the day, but I at least try to be fair instead of grabbing whatever the hell I want without regard to my teammates. Three weeks of class left, then I have 3 whole weeks off until next quarter, I'll be taking cake decorating, I want to make a mod cake.

I get to see Matt tomorrow and get a much needed haircut/color, I'm on the edge of my seat with anticipation.

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