Thursday, November 02, 2006

outta here

I just found out that my loan got approved for school, thank goodness, I was starting to think that I was going to have to drop out and also owe them a large chunk of cash that I don't have. So, one less stress on my mind. Just finished my 2nd class, my finals went pretty well, we were required to choose recipes for 4 things and change 2 ingredients that we thought would improve the recipe, and mine actually turned out pretty good, I was pleased. Next week we start artisan breads for 6 weeks. We get to switch groups, which I'm quite happy with because even though I love my teammate Manda, the rest of our group was per usual, not up to our standards. In fact, I believe that is how her and I bonded, over our dislike of our other teammates. I'm quite afraid that I'll be paired with Mary Kay again though, which would be hell.

The incompetency at my workplace also baffles me. My loud, sometimes obnoxious, but usually friendly and hard-working coworker quit, so I am left to pick up her slack because others in the office are apparently too incompetent to do the work that is required of others, such as myself, who can actually perform fairly simple tasks relatively efficiently and without much difficulty. Frankly, it is quite ridiculous and I'm quite tired of it.

Sorry, I'm bitchin' today, had a long week, in fact haven't had a day off since the sunday before last and have to work this weekend too. Monday, which will finally be my day off, I hope to paint my room, not quite relaxing. Oh well, now that I know I'll be able to finish school I can quit being a nurses' bitch and hopefully do something I actually enjoy, like decorating cakes or something.

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