Friday, October 28, 2005


on Six Feet Under...just started the second season last night with Cassie and Sarah, at least we make it a social event. How many series can one be hooked on at one time, currently I'm at about 4, I don't know where that falls in comparison to other TV watchers.

My review went very well, I got a nice raise and I should be receiving a decent chunk of money due to retro pay. My manager is the best really, she did mention that I should be more aware of my time spent online and I of course had to agree, but other than that she was very complimentary.

Just confirmed plans to go to my sister's for thanksgiving in CO, my other sister will also be there with her family and my brother and I will drive out together. My niece or nephew should be born any day now, I'm hoping it's a girl. It should be quite an event; 6 adults, four kids from ages 2-5, one newborn, and about 20 cats.

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