Wednesday, October 05, 2005

thrown out

I decided if I had no idea what a bunch of numbers on a post-it meant, that it was probably safe to toss it. What if inanimate objects had feelings, what if your purpose was meant to be disposable, like a post-it. Would you try to relish the time you have, fulfilling your duty to the best of your ability, or just half ass it thinking nobody was willing to see your true worth so why even try.

If any of you (Olivia) might be curious about what has come about from my personal ad, I will update y'all. I've hung out with brunch guy since we had brunch a couple times, since he likes punk and is punkish I will call him punk boy. I think we could have a really great relationship if it was strictly online, since we exchange witty and entertaining emails, but in real life I'm not so sure as he is almost in my too weird category (the majority of guys that show interest in me are in this category). Punk boy is definitely weird, but also very smart and nice, not bad looking, and appears to like me a lot, so I am not opposed to hanging out with him at this point.

I met a guy for ice cream on Sat. not expecting much since we didn't email about anything but smalltalk, but he has only lived here a couple months and was looking to meet people here so I agreed to meet him. Physically he was actually more attractive than I thought he'd be, so I was pleasantly surprised in that regard. He was also very nice, talking wasn't too uncomfortable, but overall he kinda bored me.

I had also been exchanging emails with a guy who is currently in Germany for grad school but is from Mpls. With him I've exchanged deeper emails covering religion and relationships mostly, and I am excited to meet him as he returns to MN this week and we are supposed to hang out next week. However I haven't heard from him in a few days so either he's busy preparing for his return or he hates me, which I'm more inclined to think because I'm insecure and freakish like that, even though he has no reason to hate me, and in his last email actually seemed excited to meet me as well.

Since I didn't respond at all to about 95% of my responses figuring I don't have time to keep track of everyone and then meet people and whatnot, that's about it. There were some that intrigued me that I sorta regret not responding to, but oh well, maybe I missed out on the love of my life, that's how it goes sometimes.

Other than my coffee shop crush who I'm trying to pretend to myself that I'm no longer interested in, the guy I really want to see again is the cute guy that talked to me last week as I was going to my car. Hmmm, maybe I can post a missed connection on CL and see what happens....

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