Friday, October 21, 2005

I shoulda

after pondering my car situation, I really shoulda just given up on my car and bought Todd's, after they already did the exhaust work, they informed me that the T-rod something or another needs to be replaced which would be an additional three hundred or so (which I decided to wait on), so the grand total to fix my car would have been just about as much to buy Todds newer car with far less miles and a working radio, even a CD player! I'm a little bummed about not putting more thought into this. Oh well, my car may not have any tunes, but it does have character.

I met the musician/boring guy for coffee last night and he turned out to not be boring. He was outgoing, very stable kind of guy, very friendly, good-looking, so not a bad time at all. So far every guy I've met has been very decent, can't complain at all.

My possible rant was about friendships...I mean I love all my friends so I want none to take this personal (you know who you are), but I think it's pretty obvious friendships take effort on both sides...if you want the frienship to last of course. It's the ol' talk vs. action. and which speaks louder.

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