Thursday, October 27, 2005

i suck, u suck

Still feeling like a major jerk/chump. I tried to apologize in the best manner I knew how, but to no avail...ah well, what can you do.

Roomate Betsy and I bonded last night watching commentary on Purple Rain...we concur that Prince looks like a bad kisser in that movie, although he is still undeniably sexy.

Have my job review today...chose to be an hour late to work this morning not knowing that I'd have my review, not that it should matter too much, as in I'm certain I won't be punished for it. Was out a little late enjoying the sucky bands at the Uptown, had been a good while since I'd been there. I used to frequent there when I lived mere blocks away, to hear the more often than not crap bands that played tue. and wed. cover free.

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