Sunday, October 23, 2005

I implore you to please shut up...please?

Sitting at work mid-morning on a sunday, total of five people in the office, one of which being my co-worker who has decided that everyone cares about every detail of her life, which consists of her working, going to school, or being at home with her dogs, and now her newfound passion for finding a townhouse. A while back, when I sat near a window and was not so depressed because I had rays of sunshine draped on my person for most of the day...I sat next to said co-worker and could handle her incessant talking, then I was moved, not far away, but enough so that one would think that the jabbering could be avoided easily. Not the case, not when her voice is so loud that I could scrunch up in the freezer and freeze to death and still probably hear her, hear her tell her stories over and over again to anyone that crosses her path, or anyone she seeks out to tell, basically I hear the same things approximately 20 times a day. She can't even get the fucking townhouse for months! months! please SHUT UP ABOUT IT! and your dogs too while your at it. She tried to talk my ear off when I got here but I managed to dissuade her, and it helped that I had to answer the phone.

I had my first official outing with roomate Betsy, she scored free tickets to the theater that her ex works at, so we went and saw Antigone. It was good, a little umm, different, but good, I imagine Greek tragedies are difficult to pull off. At one point the prophet dude pulled a goat head out from under his cloak, it was rather random and funny.

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