Monday, October 10, 2005

cheesy music and cheesecake

Maybe it's because Wisconsin is known for it's affinity for cheese, but something about driving through that state makes listening to cheesy music not only bearable, but enjoyable, not to mention a revival of passion for classic rock. I had a lovely time with Cassie and her family in the windy city, witnessing the gritty aspects of her family dynamics, but still feeling very welcomed as a honorary family member for the weekend. The exhibit was excellent, although I took too much time at the beginning and felt rushed toward the end since the museum was closing. The marathon was thrilling, Eli kicked ass and I was very impressed with all who participated. My only complaint was not seeing Sally and Co., and having to burden myself onto Cassie's fam for the entire time, who I observed are very loud and very different from my own family. Cassie hid the fact that she was snacking on cheesecake on the ride home and apologized later for not sharing with me, knowing of my deep love for cheesecake. Fortunately someone brought in cheesecake to work today.

German boy had to cancel on me tonight due to illness, so we rescheduled for wed., I'm a little dissapointed, but oh well.

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