Monday, October 31, 2005

what a spooktacular day

more like just a regular day, and I don't plan on participating in any Halloweenish activities today. I do get to dress up as a sadistic nurse this coming weekend for our murder mystery party. What's really spooky is that I made it to work on time this morning, I even washed my hair.

This morning Betsy and I were looking at the neighborhood crime report and pondering the difference between burglary, larceny, and robbery...apparently larceny is theft w/o force or illegal entry, burglary is breaking and entering, and robbery is theft with force or threat of force...thanks to google. It appeared a residence was burgled very near to our own home, we also had a good chuckle over saying the word burgled.

I had the pleasure of spending some refreshingly quality one on one time with my dear friend Jenni last night. Been missin' that 'ol gal.

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