Monday, October 24, 2005

can I choke the cat please? (Olivia)

I'm tired, and I'll tell you why (if you care) because the cat was sporadically scratching on the litter box throughout the night, this is a very irritating sound, and I'm fairly certain that the cat has it out for me. I eventually decided I didn't care if the cat went potty elsewhere and shut the bathroom door so I could get some sleep (although I guess it would have made sense to move the litter box). Of course then they proceeded to run about in frisky delight. Don't worry Olivia, I won't choke your cat, in fact I'm sure she'll look at me with her sweet face and all will be forgotten.

Apparently I'm in a bitchin' and moanin' mood.

Debbie gave an excellent sermon last night, a synopsis by me wouldn't do it justice but it was good stuff.

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