Monday, October 17, 2005

self-proclaimed lame artist

that's me, whilst spending time this weekend at the art crawl, it was reinforced how lame I am as an artist, or lack of artist, since I make zero art these days. Whether or not I will be inspired to make something is yet to be seen. I did make a connection (sorta) with the guy that I previously blogged about that owns a gallery in Mpls. that I sorta had a crush on way back when, I had bummed him a smoke at the local shop a few weeks ago and so he recognized me and I impressed him with my fantastic memory (when really, I noticed him there since I'd seen/crushed on him at his gallery, though I can't say I'm still crushing on him now.)

Anyways, from my so far adventures in internet dating I have learned...
-Having as few expectations as possible is a very good thing
-It takes up time, time that I often would/like to spend alone
-I have issues

I was also confronted about being bitchy this weekend by a certain friend who shall remain nameless, have to admit that my feelings were a little hurt, not to say I'm not or haven't been bitchy, because I am/have been, but I thought I had restrained myself lately, seeing as how the issue I was bitchy about isn't really an issue in my mind anymore if that makes any sense. If you'd like to know how I really feel.

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