Saturday, September 02, 2006


Today I was trapped at Trappers. In an attempt to recover from partying at the suburban retreat center last night due to Kevin's birthday, Charissa, Kevin, Cassie and myself trekked to the local hunting themed bar to gain necessary nutrients found in bloody mary's, and have breakfast. We left at oh, about 5 p.m. One might wonder how one kills six hours at a bar on a beautiful Saturday. Well, mostly talking and laughing over sexual innuendo's, eating, drinking (twin's special $1.25 miller lites), and best of all, playing Big Buck Hunter pro. Cassie and I hunted Big Horn sheep and Moose. None of my pals cared that I had shit to do today, like homework and cleaning my room and I didn't have my car, my keys were confiscated, and clearly I was not at all productive.

We had book club the other night. One woman is fairly new to the club, and she was going on and on about how her family has chosen to live in one of the worst neighborhoods in Mpls, so that they can invest and minister to the community. That's cool and all, but if your going to get on your high horse and act a martyr, it really defeats the purpose, which was her attitude, and frankly if I was her neighbor I'd just be pissed off. I tried the whole Christian ministry, investing in the "bad" neighborhood thing myself when I was in college, and I doubt that I will ever again involve myself in a Christian organization to do any sort of ministry, because that is the sort of attitude that I found to be prevalent. Yeah, I agree to have thriving communities with lower crime, the people have to invest in it, and know their neighbors, but when I see that attitude of I'm doing this great thing by living with these people and judging their lifesyles and I'm going to show them the path to righteousness, well, I don't think that is very helpful. I don't know of many people who are very receptive to getting to know someone that they feel is judging the way they live, and how they raise their children, I know I no longer surround myself with people like that.

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