Saturday, October 28, 2006

just too old

Something really strange happened to me last night. After work, I went to Ikea, realized I could not yet afford what I came there to buy, but yet managed to find other things to buy that I hadn't planned on at all, whoever came up with the whole Ikea concept is a genius. Anyways, that wasn't the strange thing, I went home, rang our doorbell because my key had broken the previous evening. Nobody answered the door, so I rang the other 2 apartments and still noone answered so I stood there thinking absolutely nobody in our whole entire house was home and what I should do in the meantime (I didn't have my cell on me otherwise I would've called). One of the dudes from upstairs arrived while I was working this through in my mind though so I stopped entertaining that thought, thanked him, and went upstairs to find that pretty much everyone I live with was home, 4 people who could've answered when I rang. I'm pretty sure they just couldn't hear me over the Al Green blasting on Betsy's Ibook. This wasn't the strange thing. I proceeded to do a bit of organizing of my room, then decided to watch my netflix, probably fall asleep, and possibly go to a party later with Betsy, but we were both undecided as I have to work this weekend and she was playing soccer. So, I put in the movie, at this point it is about 10 p.m., and this is the strange thing, I DID NOT FALL ASLEEP WHILE WATCHING THE MOVIE. I have absolutely no idea how this happened, I was alone, I was feeling tired, the lights were out, the movie was decent but not particularly great, other than at the theater, during midday, and when watching the first "The Lord of the Rings" have I not fallen asleep while watching a movie.

I did not go to the party which by the time Betsy got home I was pretty torn between being tired and having to get up early for work, and going to see Mike, the thrower of the party, who I think is keen. I probably would have drunkenly tried to seduce Mike and been unsuccessful because he A. has a girlfriend who he apparently loves, and B. I'm a huge nerd. I also have a party to attend to tonight, and I'm too old now to be partying the entire weekend when I'm working.

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