Tuesday, July 05, 2005


I felt lonely this holiday weekend, well, Olivia was around, but she was working, and then left on her road trip sunday afternoon, everyone else I'm close to was gone, out of town, state or country. My neighborhood felt empty, people had left the city for cabins and lakes. I am often alone, and can generally amuse myself easily, yesterday I missed people. Maybe it was the remembrances of years past at this time with the girls, last year camping on Madeline Island. The year before they rallied to help me with my broken heart. And I miss our ability to see eachother as easily, too many life changes, with more to come....I guess that is the way of it.

However, I was social, I went to coworker/friend's home which consisted of a few other coworker/friends, and grilling, and me drinking beer, the only one drinking, being acutely aware that I was the only one drinking. I did not become too much of a spectacle though, and I quit while I was ahead.

I also went jogging, after months of inactivity, and I was pleasantly surprised by my level of endurance, I maintained a snail, but steady pace. I think that was my fear, that I'd get out there and jog a quarter of a mile and be gasping, but it was good, except for my sore legs the past couple days.

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