Thursday, July 07, 2005

mystery solved

Osgood-Schlatters, that is what caused the bony lump on my knee, which apparently is caused during adolescence when the thigh muscle is used and pulls the tendon from the bone, sounds pleasant huh? In any case a permanant, but painless lump may form (which I have), well, it can cause pain when an adult kneels (which it does). I had known that already cause my sister, the brilliant and charming MD of the family had told me at one point, but I spent the morning reading up on my condition instead of diligently working on admitting charts, which we are desperately behind on. I was dissapointed to learn that this affliction is normally is related to a child being athletic, so I happen to be the random case of it occuring in a sedentary and chubby child, oh wait, I was forced to be in 4-h softball, and tae kwon do for a time. So there you go Jenni, you were close...

Watched "adaptation" last night w/Jenni, can relate more than would like with Charlie, excepting the genius artist reputation...all in due time however, once I get my ass in gear....pesky fear and inability to interact effectively with others without aid of alchohol keeps getting in the way, I just need to learn to channel my insecurity into beautifully tragic pieces of art.

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