Thursday, July 21, 2005

ding dong

the witch (of the office) is gone, off for a couple days, then I'm on my vacation so I won't be seeing her for a couple weeks. Actually, she and I get along fine, I think because I worked here before she became our "manager" so she doesn't get on as much of a power trip with me as the others that started post her promotion. She just micro-manages yet does not know how to do any of the work that we actually do daily to make things run, so she has no concept, everyone else around here hates her (but is generally nice to her face). Her jangly bracelet drives me nuts.

Feeling worn out, trying to get things done that must be finished before I leave, trying to make as much $$ as possible. Must say have so much more energy in warm weather months obviously from regular sun exposure...require much less sleep to function. Ebay addiction....was not on it for several weeks now cannot stop browsing, in need of new clothing is why, so much fun to see what can be obtained for such bargain prices.

Trying to avoid lecherous old (40ish) guy at local shop who felt the need to express his attraction towards me....apparently thinking that I may possibly be attracted to someone who is short, balding and in need of exercise, and not having the most attractive personality either. I suppose because I'm nice and will chat (too nice perhaps). Once again I attract the weird ones, I continue to feel grossed out although occurance was a few days ago. Unfortunately there is a guy there that I would actually like to know better, such a delimma it is.

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