Wednesday, July 20, 2005


feeling quite sassy today, my sarcasm is top notch if I do say so myself. I just overheard that I am quickly becoming favorite person in office by fellow employee. Of course.

Had a dream last night that I was very pregnant, yet still drinking and smoking, and father of baby was he who broke my heart....who took it rather well in the dream, was kind and caring, so knew then that it must be a dream. However chances of having ugly baby with said man would be slim, to look on the bright side.

Mac and cheese made with rice pasta is not to my liking, been eating far too much Mac and cheese as I have been too lazy to go to the grocery store, watching Felicity is far more important than buying and eating food that contains important nutrients.

Hoping that a certain someone (name starting with a J and ending with an I, or R, or even H, depending on how you look at it) will join me for happy hour post work, my treat, since I'm LEAVING FOR CALIFORNIA, in less than one week if I hadn't yet mentioned and will be on vacation for THIRTEEN DAYS. Other than summer break before old enough to have a job, this will be the longest vacation of my life thus far. I love that we still get paid for not working, possibly the best part of having a "real job".

Was doing some work at the local shop last night, feeling inadequate b/c of attractive, smart, funny, creative woman with nicely toned midriff shown off by short shirt who actually talks and makes intelligible sentences. Feeling a little strange about going there lately, kind of preferred my days of being unknown and able to self reflect without interruption or awkwardness, yet cannot stop myself from going, has become quite the habit, along with mild attraction towards regular....who happened to frolic off with young lady with nicely toned midriff to watch a movie. Will not let it get me down, especially since I'm GOING TO CALIFORNIA and will have such a grand time that any troubles will be burned from my brain by the sun that I plan on basking in for hours on end.

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