Friday, July 08, 2005

spiritual warfare

I almost had to spend the night at church last night, I was getting some work done (I do menial tasks for Jenny P. the early childhood pastor there), and the janitor or maintenance guy whatever he's called locked the office, which had my keys, purse, cell phone, any access to a phone number of anyone who might be able to help me, I didn't know anyones last name to look them up in the phone book, and about had a panic attack feeling trapped at church. I don't believe I sent up a prayer, just was internally freaking out while searching for any number I could find, or any name of someone that might be able to help me and hope they had a listed number, but thankfully someone showed up who had a key, and he was like, you're lucky, I don't usually stop by here like this, so I thanked God several times for providing. Churches can be really creepy at night.

So I switched cell phone service, and I can't say I have been impressed thus far with this provider who supposedly has the "best coverage" and "great customer service", since my phone is cutting out when I'm at home, nor was I impressed by the customer service, I hardly received any direction about activating my new phone, which I've had for over a week, I sent emails which were not answered, and called customer service, who also were pretty vague about what I was supposed to do....Well, whatever, I guess I'm stuck now unless I want to pay the early disconnection charge, which I don't.

And I hate money, or lack of money, I must be a hermit and spend no money until next week, or sell my plasma, and I better start riding my bike to work since gas is ridiculously expensive.

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