Saturday, July 30, 2005


I underestimated the power of the SPF 8 to protect me from the rays, especially those parts of me almost never exposed to the sun, and my apparent haphazard application method didn't help either. The swelling in my eyelids seems to have gone down a bit throughout the day. I'm hoping that miraculous healing will commence overnight so that I can face the sun again tomorrow.

So today was spent lounging about, there was no motivation to do anything other than watch vh1, pretty sad really, but I figure my body is healing and we were out late last night Salsa-ing, the advil and red bull/vodka's stripped away the pain of my charred skin. Unfortunately the only good dancer I danced with was literally soaked in sweat, like dripping wet, he was still cute though and he kept apologizing. After we had to put up with Ramon who ate tacos with us and was fairly annoying.

Tomorrow is another day. Hopefuly beach time, then downtown San Diego for shopping and hip hop, tonight we may enjoy a dip in the neighbors pool (Sally is feeding the dogs while he's out of town), in the schnude of course.

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