Monday, September 18, 2006

could you imagine

making an extremely detailed print of the face of Jesus, using only one continuous line? I sure can't, but I saw it with my own eyes at the MIA. Then again I apparently have little imagination...I just drew a plate design with a swan for my exam tomorrow, it is pretty cheesy. Sadly, after wed. I will no longer be in class with the attractive young men who I enjoyed lusting after while making various breads and pastries and the like, and since I never said more than maybe 5 words to either one of them, I doubt I will interact with them in the future. On the bright side, next week I have a glorious break from school, assuming that I'll be able to go back (still not sure about that loan), which I hope to be a perfect balance of restfulness and productivity.

Well, a smoke, a shower, and sleep, gotta rest up.

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