Saturday, September 23, 2006

I find your knowledge of water pumps to be so....fascinating

My car returneth to my posession, and I'm lusty after my mechanic. He did sound *cute* the numerous times I talked to him on the phone, and well, he is in person as well. Betsy is trying to convince me to pretend that something is wrong with my car, well there is certainly always something wrong with my car, but anyways so that I can ask him to our party next weekend. I feel too sheepish to make such a bold move, though I really felt we made a connection while he was spouting his mechanic jargon about water pumps and alternators, but actually we also talked about how he'd like to go to culinary school, so I'm pretty sure I'm in love and decided that it is necessary for me to date a mechanic.

I believe I might be in the presence of fair Sally and MS flava tomorrow, which truly makes me feel warm inside on this cold, drizzly evening.

I'm definitely getting fat....but I cleaned our kitchen pretty thoroughly today, I even moved the refridgerators (yes 2) and mopped behind them. I have some pretty lofty goals this week to relax, exercise, clean/decorate my room, and go out at least 2 nights this week despite my lack of funding, plus our party next Sat. which will be a theme party and therefore will take a bit more planning than usual. I think we've narrowed it down to Mods vs. Rockers or a Whodunit party where you can take your pick of characters ranging from bumbling constable to wronged party to private eye to femme fatale, with an attempt at some sort of simple clue or riddle type game where you can receive a cheesy prize. If anyone has a vote or opinion feel free to chime in, oh right, I just remembered that nobody reads this or leaves a comment. Well, maybe someone will be take pity on me since I just whined.....

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