Monday, September 25, 2006

roommate issues pt. 2

I'm hungover, and feeling vaguely embarrassed by my drunkeness as I don't think any of my other friends were quite at my level of intoxication, oh well... My attempts at productivity here at work are not very fruitful, unless you consider updating my evite, checking my ebay, reading blogs and various other info on health and nutrition productive, so actually just my attempts at being productive regarding work related things are not very fruitful.

Okay, I'm going to start hording my own toilet paper...and here is why. Apparently Betsy overheard our roommate Sarah complaining about how we were -almost- out of TP, we were down to like one roll in each bathroom. I bought TP the next day -before- we ran out (so I don't really see the cause to complain). Note that -I- bought the TP and not the complainer, one should also note that the only persons in the house to have bought TP are myself and Betsy, and at no time have we been out of TP mind you. Also noteworthy pretty much all the rest of the contributions to the household, supplies, furniture, gadgets, etc. have all been, with exception of the dining room table (which she got for free), bought/acquired by everyone but Sarah, oh and I guess she brought a small papazon like chair and a bean bag chair. ALSO noteworthy is that she does not contribute much to the overall cleanliness of the house and yet seems to feel she deserved much praise because she cleaned the bathroom once for our last party (meanwhile I find myself washing her dishes and cleaning up counter surfaces even when I don't cook anything). So I almost feel that if my TP contributions are going to go unappreciated by certian parties of the household, I'm just going to buy my own supply and horde it in my room. Actually we are going to have a house meeting this week to hopefully air out any grievances and come to some resolution so that we will hopefully stop bitching behind everyone else's back like I'm doing right now.

You know how when you walk down the hall and there is an acquaintance or co-worker and you say hello or whatever but you still some hall distance to cover before you pass eachother and it seems awkward to look at the person after exchanging pleasantries, but also awkward to not look.

We settled upon the Whodunit theme, now I have to come up with some sort of spyish dress.

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