Tuesday, September 19, 2006

it was true

Courtney and Kurt really did live in the house that Betsy and I were potentially going to live, if only we could have gotten past the disgusting state that it was in when we saw it, and the fact that it overlooked an ugly liquor store parking lot (however, convenient). But here is proof, an excerpt from our "CityPages".

"It was a very specific time. Courtney Love was like the 74th person from that corner
to get famous. She was living [in Big Trouble House, on Colfax off Franklin, next to
the liquor store parking lot] there, and the Mondales were living five blocks in the
other direction. "

I thought that lady was full of -it, but I guess we missed our opportunity to tread upon the same hardwood floors, soak in the same tub, or eat from the same kitchen in which they made delectable romantic meals or drugs. Alas, it was not meant to be.

Well, I did fairly well on the practical portion of my exam, and I'm sure glad it's over. I was putsy as usual, one would think that my slowness would make my assignments better, this is sadly not the case. I lack creativity, but my pate aux choux swan looked lovely, it had a nice beak. Also, I told one of the cute boys in class that I made my cake for him, which had "you are special" written on it, he seemed pleased.

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