Thursday, September 21, 2006

good morning

Yesterday was my last day of my intro to baking class, and for this I am grateful. After tomorrow I will have completed my first quarter of school, with 3 more to go and my schedule next quarter will I think be much more pleasant. I actually enjoyed most of the people in my class and I'll kinda miss some of them that I know I won't be in class with again, though there is one person in particular that I know I can't stand, and I'm hoping/trying to make deals with God so that I won't be grouped with her again ( since she was in my group first part of the quarter). I'm thrilled that I will only have to get up before our region of the earth is lightened by the sun 2 days a week instead of 3, and not even as early as before, plus I'll be done with my day earlier too (I may even exercise).

I may try to finish watching the movie Eraserhead tonight since I of course fell asleep watching it, even though what I've seen of it so far is somewhat disturbing. However the movie is supposedly worth watching and I do usually enjoy Lynch, and roommate Kathleen wanted to watch it too so maybe if someone else is there with my I won't be quite as disturbed.

This completes my exciting post of the goings on of my life....

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