Sunday, September 03, 2006

I'll take it personally if I damn well please

I've been reading through my archives as I do maybe a couple times a year, and was reading a post where I mentioned that I was a bit pissed because I could see on my sitemeter that someone would google a good friend of mine and consequently came upon my blog. Some anonymous commenter left a comment to "not to take it personally" that I don't recall ever reading. First of all, I wasn't taking it personally as it had to do with my friend and not me, but yeah, I was pissed on behalf of my friend and for good reason because...Second of all, I won't go into details, but a while back some anonymous person used information found on my blog against my dear friend in a rather immature way I might add. So guess what, when someone is going to judge a dear friend of mine who in her day to day interactions treats people in an exemplary way and then is judged based on someone's ridiculous standards of how she should behave, then yeah, I'll take it personally, but thanks for the unsolicited advice anyways.

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