Tuesday, October 03, 2006

School daze

I'm feel fat, I had to taste 24 cookies yesterday, today I had to taste a load of pies (48), monday it was biscuits and scones, do we see a pattern forming? One that will perhaps add several pounds to my short self? I could go exercise, but I'm pretty damn tired. I thankfully was not put with the woman that I despise, I quite enjoy my group actually. I'm so smart too, like I know the answers to stuff.

So I had some fraudulent acitivity on my checkcard, it wasn't stolen, someone must have gotten off the net. Anyways, I scrounged up some change to go to the local shop and get some coffee, hoping to be able to get some cash from the ATM. However, I got to the ATM and remembered that though I may actually have some money in my account, my card had been cancelled. I was a bit short as far as the coffee, but figured one of the regulars would spot me the rest. After I explained my embarrassment and told them why I was having to beg for change, the guys at the shop were like "so you have no money", and I was like yeah, but I'll survive, to which their response was to hand me a bunch of cash because they didn't want me to have to "just survive". I was quite touched actually, I mean one is the lecherous old man who has a thing for me so that doesn't surprise me, but these are really just acquaintances of mine and they were so kind.

Apparently the mechanic, though he was a no-show at the party, does want to get together still. Like I said I've already played out the worst case scenario in my head so it will probably suck....

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