Thursday, October 12, 2006

why ease into it?

I agree, I think it's a great idea to just jump head on into winter, like ripping a band aid off, except the pain lasts for months instead of a few moments. Really though, those of us who live in the northern regions were really being coddled by mild fall weather, I mean, we choose to live here right? Clearly we must enjoy whipping winds and bundling up so lets just skip over that other crap, who needs average highs in the sixties, lets get those flurries going, who doesn't love snow.

Roommate Betsy is obsessed with the Detroit Cobras, and on Sun. night she, roommate Kathleen and myself went to see them at a local venue. Our friend Mike also joined us ( I shamelessly flirted with Mike at our party the week prior despite him being in a serious relationship-I was more than tipsy, I don't normally condone such behavior, in any case I was feeling a bit of residual embarrassment, but Mike is cool so I really shouldn't have worried about it). Anyways, after the show Kathleen and I booked it to the car because it was really cold out and we were really tired. Meanwhile Mike, being a regular attender at said venue, took Betsy to the room where the band hangs out so she got to meet the band members and have her cd's signed. Betsy, having imbibed on a considerable amount of whiskey throughout the evening, wouldn't shut the h e double hockey sticks up about how she got to meet the beautiful lady from the band, and has since been playing their albums to death and talking about the band relentlessly. They are a good band, but I do not share her obsession unfortunately, otherwise I'd enjoy much more the nightly blasting of their music throughout our apartment.

It's time to break out the down comforter my friends.

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