Friday, October 13, 2006


I'm having a really tough time staying awake right now, the coffee isn't doing anything for me, and I just ate a delicious piece of carrot cake so I'm probably having a sugar crash, or maybe I have narcolepsy.

I was just on the receiving end of condescencion by one of our lovely nurses. I realize I'm the same age as her children, but that doesn't mean that I deserve to be treated like a whiny 5 year old for merely asking her a question that enables me to do my job. She said to me in an irritated tone "sweetie, I can't look that up right now I need to take care of this other thing right now". Yeah, I wasn't hanging on your leg begging for an f-ing candy bar, I was asking a simple question that only you can answer. I would have appreciated something along the lines of "I need to take care of this, but I'll help you in a minute" or something more adult like, since I am one. Well, I guess the end is near.

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