Thursday, October 26, 2006

crisis averted...or how Cassie got the fucker out of the fire

Cassie and I narrowly avoided death last night, or at the very least horrible disfigurement. This little tale will probably only remain funny to Cassie and I based on the reaction to the retelling of the story to Jenni and Carissa, but oh well, here goes. So we (Cassie, Carissa, Jenni and myself-oh and Todd too) were out at Carissa's (a.k.a the Suburban retreat center) for dinner. Todd was being anti-social, and us ladies had started a fire in the fire pit out on the deck, enjoying some beer and chatting away about highly intellectual things because we are very smart. At some point in the evening Cassie and Jenni go inside for a stint and Cassie and I are engaged in some juicy girl talk. All of the sudden a log just leaps out of the fire onto my shins! (in all actuality, I think Cassie was prodding the logs and it kinda fell out). After I take a second to figure out that I should move away from the burning log, I jump up, Cassie jumps up, grabs a couple sticks and tosses the log back in the fire. Now we have to attend to the fact that there are little bits of burning embers all over the deck so we go to work hopping and stomping til all the embers are out, knocking a bottle of beer and an ashtray over in the process. After completion of the task at hand we are able to sit down and seemingly relax, take a breath and in fact have a little chuckle. Cassie tosses a few sticks off the pile to build the fire a little and as we resume chatting, she suddenly notices that the lighter (one of those big long one's) had been tossed into the fire as well and she points at it and says "Fuck, the fucker's in the fire, the fucker's in the fire!" Cassie, being the hero that she is and maintaining her cool, reached into the fire, grabbed the lighter and threw it into the lawn. She and I then have an enormous chuckle, and ponder how we almost set the house on fire and also could have possibly been blown up, which isn't really funny if you think about it, but it sure seemed funny last night, and I'm still having a chuckle here and there today.

Anywho...I'm making friends at school, sorta. I mean, we haven't hung out during non-school time, but I do feel as though I'm liked by the cool girls in class. I remember when I had my first college experience and I didn't really have any friends til like, my junior year, other than Fujipants and people I had known from my hometown.

Work had been a real bitch this week, I had asked my co-workers to do the one piece of my work that has to be done every day last week while I was gone. Of course when I returned on Mon. nobody had done any of it and I've been playing catch up, which is difficult since I have school mon. and wed. afternooon and all day tues. I could also bitch about how I'm treated like a peon, and etc. and etc. but I'll restrain myself.

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