Saturday, October 14, 2006

ranting and ranting

I sent out a slightly snarky email to the nurses I work with yesterday, because I was just frustrated that we tell them you have to do these simple things because if you don't then the work required to fix it done by the office staff is very time consuming. We've been on our "new" computer system for well over a year, they should know the system by now but gee williker, some "just forget" or are "just bad" at completing their charting. It's always the same people and it never improves and I just don't understand why they aren't expected to step up their work as it seems silly to me that forgetfulness is an constant excuse. That wouldn't fly for office staff. Now I feel bad because one of them sent me an email saying she's sorry for making more work for me, and she's such a nice person. It wasn't my intention to make people feel bad, it's just this is what you are supposed to do, I don't see it getting done, if I don't say something it will never improve sort of thing.

Anyways, enough about work. Last night I went to Jenni and Todd's to partake in the art crawl with them and Cassie, and ended up staying there, which I had kinda planned on since our roommate Sarah was having her friends over for dinner and games. Well, I get home this morning and 2 of my things are broken and I'm like gee, that's really nice, not only are they broken, but nobody cleaned up the broken glass or anything. Neither one is really valuable, a knick knack that I didn't like anyways and a cheap picture frame, but what bothers me is that I'll likely end up cleaning it up myself, and probably whoever broke it will offer to replace it, but I'll likely end up doing it myself.

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