Monday, January 31, 2005

oh what a beautiful morning!

mild temps and softly falling snow, quite lovely.

I think my pants are too tight, fuj said they weren't when I tried them on, but they are, I feel like they are going to rip when I sit or bend over. I got them at h & m though, so I can't return or exchange them, since I don't foresee going to chicago in the near future. It could also be the ice cream and cheesecake eating, the beer drinking and the lack of excersice. However, I do think the tight pants got me in a tight mindset to get into the tight parking spot this morning.

My new obsession is my apartment, I just want to spend money on stuff for our apartment and my room. My money should be going toward paying numerous outstanding bills, however, I figure if my living space feels empty and disheveled, my mind will also be empty and disheveled, and I won't be able to focus on paying my bills anyway, so really it is a wise investment.

I'm getting bored with myself, I need to shake things up, maybe I should try online dating...nah, don't want to. Salsa dancing, I should do that more often, but Jenni is married now, so she's in her "we" mode, and nobody has any money to go out. Well, I guess until I start getting my finances in order I will have to just be bored.


Raineydays said...

I feel bored too. I really thought about salsa dancing...but decided nay.

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