Tuesday, June 27, 2006

eerily silent

Dan has not responded to our letter, and we are a little nervous about that. Plus, this is what my google horoscope says today....

"It's easy for you to misjudge the seriousness of a situation at home now. Youmight mistakenly believe that you can fix a problem with just a wave of yourhand. But it's not going to be that simple. Staying focused on the root causes and not the symptoms will help soften the hard edges."

What does it all mean?? Anyways, he was home last night, and we were home, so he could have easily talked to us, but then we saw him leave. I decided he was probably going to go to late night happy hour to drown his patheticness in booze since he's a money-grubbing loser. He's middle-aged, sleazy, trying to weasle money out of two sweet 20 something year old women, and can't seem to grasp that he might instead solve his money issues by getting a job other than teaching Tango 2 nights a week and spending the rest of his day on his duff. But the silence is kinda eerie, I'm not sure if he's really pissed off or took our letter to heart as I tried to make it clear that it was not my intention to insult him, but more to be like," hey, we've been good tenants and here's where we could have easily taken you to court. Maybe you reflect on that instead of acting rudely and childishly towards me and threaten me in a public place when I'm with a friend, especially when I've never treated you with disrespect. Plus you basically have no case" So who knows.

Ok, I'll stop ranting about the landlord for today, we'll be out of there by Sat. anyways. The only thing I worry about is that he'll keep a portion of my deposit, then I have to decide if it's worth it to take him to small claims based on principle and for $100 (unless he keeps more than that).
I tried to play tennis yesterday with my co-worker, I'm a little rusty since I haven't played for oh, about 5 years, and I've never been a great player by andy means, but boy, my co-worker was terrible. I'd at least like to play with someone who can hit the ball more than 5% of the time, and maybe makes some effort by say -running- or something after the ball to at least try and hit it back. She wants to continue to play in the hopes that she'll improve, which I can't say I'm too excited about.

I'm surprised I'm not on my death bed, Betsy's been hacking since she got back from Europe, which is kinda gross, but not her fault I suppose, but what's really gross is that she does not cover her mouth. I have to say I find this very irritating, and almost shocking. Of course I still enjoy her, she just grosses me out.

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