Friday, June 23, 2006

good, bad and seriously ugly

Cassie got us; Todd and Jenni, myself, Carissa and Mary Kay, free tickets to the comedy club since it is her birthday next week. I was prepared to get my drink on since I've not "been out" in a while (or at least feel like I haven't), and I had today off, and the other night I was severely jonesing for a brewski, but the fridge was barren and the LQ was closed when my craving reached it's peak since state ordinance reverted back to the 8 p.m. closing time weeknights instead of the 10 p.m. closing time that we Minnesotans had enjoyed for a short time. So I made up for it last night, a brewski at home, happy hour specials, a carafe of Margarita at the club, then Cassie and I forged on after our lame friends decided to call it a night and hit the 90's to meet a friend of mine and enjoy the drag show and plentiful drink specials. I did get slightly offended when Cassie got hit on by a lesbian (it's a gay club for those unfamiliar), reason being twofold; a. I didn't get hit on by any lesbians (not a good reason to be offended, but smarts a little), and b. this chick just assumed that Cassie wasn't my girlfriend, I thought that was rude of her to assume and then try to horn in on my (maybe) girl while I was standing right there. Anyways, the night was capped off by some late-night pizza, and of course some old dude offering his digits to us, me being the geezer magnet that I am. I told him that I could take his number, but I was certain that I wouldn't call him, which he took rather graciously.

So a lovely evening, then a rude awakening this morning by Betsy and the Landlord yelling at eachother because Betsy's bike had been stolen from the garage, actually her friend's bike that she was borrowing. Apparently things got heated, I stayed out of it since it wasn't my deal, but then after spending a nice afternoon with Cassie sunning and getting ice cream, I ran into Landlord Dan at the ice cream place and he was an enormous ass to me. See, since Betsy and I were originally going to switch apartments and stay in the studio for the month of June, we obviously paid less rent for that space. After those girls backed out last minute and we were to stay in our apartment, Dan offered to "split the difference" between the rent we did pay and what we would have paid for our place which equaled $100. I thought this was a bit unfair at the time, since Betsy and I had already paid our rent, the other girls were the one's backing out on their agreement, it was mutually beneficial to Dan and us since he would have been out a huge chunk of money had we not wanted to stay since he would have had at least one empty unit, and we ended up not using the extra room. Even though I thought this, since I was drained, in schock that I had just worked my ass off for several hours for essentially nothing, and am generally not at all assertive I agreed, which was stupid, and with Betsy being in Europe I couldn't get her to talk sense into me. So I emailed Betsy and we both decided that it was stupid that he was charging us more and hoped it would blow over. Well, he asked me for the cash yesterday and I said my piece and why I thought it was unfair, and he said his piece and I said I'd have to talk to Betsy. Then this morning the bicycle was stolen, and there was much yelling and swearing by Betsy aimed towards Dan (though I think the fault does ultimately fall on Betsy unfortunately), and now Dan is being a huge prick. He claims now that we should at least be charged for using extra storage in his basement, and that he's going to measure the space that our shit is in, and call around town, get prices for comparable storage spaces and charge us the highest price he finds. Not to mention that I'm now afraid that he's going to find some stupid reason to dick us out of our deposit. I mean, his threats aren't very threatening since he's been basically a shitty landlord, there are several instances where he showed our apartment or had maintenance done without giving us the 24 hours notice required by law, nor leaving us any sort of note, that alone we can charge him $100 per incident (unfortunately only 3 incidents I have documented, but still), and other things, like our oven leaking gas and not getting fixed for a month, though that was some time ago and also not documented. I'm just extremely irritated right now, of course right before we move shit has to hit the fan, and though Betsy doesn't always take full responsibilty for her part, Dan RARELY takes responsibility for his NUMEROUS mistakes, and always seems to think he's the greatest Landlord in all the land. I don't know how much legal leverage we have without talking to a lawyer, court was mentioned, and though I think it's an empty threat since Dan obviously has no money which is why he's always using shady tactics to get more money out of his tenants, I'm pretty sure he can't afford courst fees. It's just so ridiculous, and shitty that things aren't going to end civilly since even though we've always had our issues with Dan, we still manage to get along with the guy for the most part, and now we'll probably get screwed since we just put up with his crap for so long.

Alright, just had to rant for a bit, maybe it'll blow over once people start thinking rationally.

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