Monday, June 26, 2006

I need to find me a good analyst

Landlord is still being a prick, he claims he isn't upset with me, that he just doesn't want to get screwed, then said he wants his $100 from me (since I was the one to enter into a "verbal agreement), and if I don't get it he'll take it from my deposit, and if we went to court he'd go through, find any time we've paid rent late (at most 2 days, and he doesn't have any grace period after the first which all landlord I've worked with have had), but too bad for him in the tenant rights handbook he has to give us written notice about late fees, how much and when it is due. If anyone is screwing him over it's himself for being a dumbass. Betsy and I combed through the tenant rights handbook, and typed a letter clearly explaining how he has violated our tenant rights on many counts, how we graciously let things slide when we could easily have gotten several hundred of dollars from him (which now I wish I had), and that unless there is some loophole that we don't know about, if we went to court our case would be pretty solid whereas he's got not a lot to stand on. Unfortunately I don't have a lot of stuff documented that I think we did at one time, but I at least want him to wake up and get some self-awareness and realize that he's a shitty landlord and that's why he has a pattern of tenants hating him. It's quite possible that he'll continue to be a dick until we move out, and we may have pissed him off and hurt his little 'ol ego, but hopefully he'll treat his future tenants with more respect.

So other than feeding my anger towards Dan, I had a rather fun-filled weekend. I had vaguely hoped to go to see my coffeeshop friend's band at some bar for a bluesfest, but per usual, my friends were lame, and since I had never been to this bar before I didn't want to go by myself to unfamiliar territory. Thankfully Betsy came through and invited me to go with her to see a blues band that was at the radio station she volunteers at who were having a show near our place. The music was excellent, Betsy's radio friend was cool, and we hung out with some members of the band after the show which was quite enjoyable. Then Cassie and I got a relatively early start yesterday to see the Pride parade and partake in some Pride fest festivities. Surely we looked a cute couple to the casual observer, and we scored a bunch of free stuff, played dance dance revolution and watched the heartwarming mass committment ceremony.

As Dr. Phil says, "you teach people how to treat you", well, once again my lack of assertiveness is coming to bite me in the ass (with the landlord situation). I always get myself pumped up to speak my mind, but then when it gets to the actual confrontation I fumble around for words and get easily manipulated, and I don't know how to remedy it. Gotta hook myself up with an analyst I suppose.

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